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CS 006 Brightening Cards-Set of 4

$10.00 CAD

A set of these 4 Brightening Cards is required for each participant during the brightening pale colours session. These are double-sided, 5 by 7 inch, flip cards and are the same size as the original Attribute Cards (stock # CS 001). They are printed with full colour illustrations and descriptions of each colour as follows: Side 1: Common phrases, voice tone and pace, and body language; Side 2: Facial expressions, physical appearance and interaction styles. The cards are formatted to facilitate easy comparison of descriptions among cards. These 4 cards can be positioned in their respective quadrants to create a whole picture. They come without a folder so they can be easily inserted into the original Attribute Cards folder. These cards must remain with the participants and may not be collected or reused. Remember to order In-ChargeCards (stock # CS 007) for the brightening session as well.