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CS 007 In-Charge Cards-Block of 100

$15.00 CAD

These are double-sided and business card size. They come in blocks of 100 and can be easily split, intact, into sets of 5’s, 10’s, etc. for convenient distribution to participants who will require them in the brightening pale colours workshop. Participants write behavioural objectives and record their progress on these cards. Side 1: Participants complete this side of the card as they visualize benefits, mentors and skills and sign a commitment to practice a new skill for 21 days;  Side 2:  Participants use the mini calendar to record their progress for the 21 days needed to form a habit. Each participant needs 5 In-ChargeCards, one for use in the workshop and 4 (or more) for future goals.  Participants are encouraged to purchase extra In-ChargeCards for future use.