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CS 013 Stress Management & Conflict Resolution Cards-set of 4 - Facilitator

$5.00 CAD

A set of these 4 Stress Management & Conflict Resolution Cards is required for each participant during the stress management and conflict resolution session. These are double-sided, 5 by 7 inch, flip cards and are the same size as the original Attribute Cards (stock # CS 001). They are printed with full colour illustrations and descriptions of each colour as follows:

    Side 1: Bright Esteem Needs, Bright Stressors, Bright Shadow Characteristics, and Lighten Up Phrases.

    Side 2: Pale Challenges, Pale Stressors, Pale Shadow Characteristics, and Brighten Up Phrases.  

The cards are formatted to facilitate easy comparison of descriptions among cards. These 4 cards can be positioned in their respective quadrants to create a whole picture. They are distributed without a folder so they can be inserted easily into the original Attribute Cards folder. These Stress Management Cards must remain with the participants and may not be collected or reused