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CS 015 PowerPoint: Brightening Pale Colours (4 hour 2013 edition PC or MAC)

$125.00 CAD

The format of this PowerPoint presentation will be familiar to you because the slides correspond to the transparencies found in the 3-ring  facilitator’s manual and referred to in the facilitators guide for the brightening pale colours workshop. This presentation is fully packaged on the CD and comes complete with all files necessary to run a successful presentation. The CD includes a special program called the PowerPoint viewer, so you can use it on a computer that does not have PowerPoint installed. Simply click forward to reveal the next slide or slide element. This presentation includes animated graphics that  present all components of this workshop, step-by-step.  Bring your presentations to life with these stunning full colour graphics. Reviewing and studying this presentation is an effective great way to familiarize yourself with the workshop information and format.