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CS 018 Live Audio: Introductory Workshop for Facilitators-Set of 4 CDs

$80.00 CAD

Listen to Rob Chubb, the founder of ColourSpectrums, present the introductory workshop as you have never heard it before. Rob has presented hundreds of introductory workshops to thousands of participants over the last 20 years. These recordings are the culmination of his years of experience. You can benefit from his expertice and enhance your facilitation skills by listening to this indepth presentation any time you want. Learn how to present and facilitate the ultimate introductory session. This recording is accompanied by audible slide cues so you can simply follow along with the PowerPoint CD or transparencies. Simply click your PowerPoint forward at the sound of each chime. This dynamic recording comes alive with audience reactions and discussions. This detailed step-by-step presentation of over 4 hours includes many of Rob's signature stories. Rob's unique sense of humour and insights make learning fun. Listen in as Rob describes how groups prepare their brightest colour presentations. Rob also describes how he has seen thousands of participants make their brightest colour presentations. Many of these descriptions and insights are recent advances and will be new to you. These recordings are essential for all facilitators.