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CS 019 Live Audio: Stress Management & Conflict Resolution for Facilitators-Set of 4 CDs

$80.00 CAD

Listen to Rob Chubb present the stress management and conflict resolution workshop in it's entirety. Enjoy Rob's humour delivery style as he presents this workshop in an easy to follow step-by-step format. This recording is accompanied by audible slides cues so you can easily follow along with your PowerPoint CD or transparencies. Simply click your PowerPoint forward at the sound of each chime. This dynamic recording comes alive with audience reactions and discussions. Rob's signature stories and intriguing insights make these recordings entertaining and educational. These CDs are a must for all facilitators who want to stay current and maximize their facilitator skills. Build your confidence as a facilitator by listening to 4 hours of recorded presentations anytime you want. The more you listen, the more familiar you will become with the content and the more confident you will be when you deliver your own great presentations.