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CS 020 Live Audio: Brightening Pale Colours for Facilitators-Set of 4 CDs

$80.00 CAD

Listen to Rob Chubb present the stress management and conflict resolution workshop in it's entirety. Rob presents the newly expanded (2009) 4 hour version of this session. This recording is accompanied by audible slides cues so you can easily follow along with the PowerPoint CD or transparencies. Simply click your PowerPoint forward at the sound of each chime. This dynamic recording includes audience reactions and gives a real sense of how to present this workshop[. These recordings are essential to keep your skills up to date. In this 2009 expanded session Rob facilitates the recently added closing exercise "Following Suit" in which participants use all 4 colours to make a decision. As Rob explains it, "Blue is your emotional intelligence, green is your cognitive intelligence, red is your physical intelligence and yellow is your organizational intelligence so . . . you are more intelligent than you 'think.' When you use all 4 colours you make more intelligent decisions."