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CS 022 ColourSpectrums Personality Styles: The Introduction - Book 1 of 3 - Facilitator

$25.00 CAD

This book is a culmination of Rob Chubb's 20 years of compassionate work on ColourSpectrums. It includes the 4 highly acclaimed ColourSpectrums introductory cards. Rob describes the fascinating history and underlying philosophy of ColourSpectrums. With signature stories, insighful humour, exercises and illustrations, Rob explains how to use the illustrated ColourSpectrums cards to understand each colour in depth. You will sort the illustrated cards and use the ColourSpectrums scoring system to reveal your ColourSpectrums personality. You will experience what it is like to participate in a ColourSpectrums workshop as Rob describes how brightest colour groups prepare and present brightest colour presentations. Rob describes how understanding the 5 senses reveals the key to understanding ColourSpectrums. This is book one in the ColourSpectrums trilogy and it sets the stage for book 2: Stress Management and Conflict Resolution and book 3: Brightening Pale colours.